Challenge Yourself with Pop It! PRO – The Light-Up, Pattern-Popping Game

Put your reflexes to the test with Pop It! PRO – the fast-paced, light-up game that challenges you to remember and repeat colored patterns. Enjoy hours of fun popping away at different levels and see if you have what it takes to get the high score!

Are you looking for something to keep the kids entertained anywhere, anytime? Introducing Pop It! PRO, the ultimate sensory game that has your kids bouncing off the walls with excitement! Perfectly self-contained and durable enough for travel, Pop It! PRO is a great way to keep young minds challenged and stimulated. For hours of fun without any pieces or parts to worry about, get your hands on Pop It! PRO today.

  • Take your favorite bubble-popping classic to a whole new level with fast-paced electronic gaming.
  • Race against the clock and compete with friends for the highest score.
  • Enjoy this timeless classic in an exciting, modern way.

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